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Tea with Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a fictional character created by Japanese company Sanrio back in 1974. The character is British as at the time of her creation, Britain was seen as trendy in Japan. It is thought the inspiration for the characters name came from Lewis Carroll’s Alice Through the Looking glass as Alice is seen playing with a cat she calls Kitty in the early scenes.  The character was initially aimed at pre-adolescent females but is now popular with adults and children alike.  No one could have predicted the success of Hello Kitty; by 2014 when Hello Kitty turned 40, it was estimated to be worth $7 billion a year.  Around the world there are themed cafe’s, theme parks, an aeroplane and even a maternity hospital dedicated to the character.

I was never particularly a fan but after visiting Japan, I too became inspired by the cute little white cat and so was really excited when I heard that the first European Hello Kitty Cafe was coming to London for Summer 2016 as a pop up at Cutter & Squidge in Soho.

For my visit to the cafe I wore a black pleated skirt from Asos with a plain white t-shirt, white frilly ankle socks from Asos and pink mary jane shoes with a glitter heal by Miss KG.  I accessorized with matching pink handbag from Asos and a Hello Kitty necklace.




The whole decoration of the cafe as well as the food was so Instagram worthy.  Stairs decorated with the characters iconic ribbon led down to a garden inspired cafe.





We were welcomed with Mimmy’s Pink Lemonade.


A tiered bamboo steamer was brought out with five layers of beautifully crafted Hello Kitty treats.  The first layer was sandwiches and even a couple of those had been cut out with a Hello Kitty cutter with the bow detail being highlighted.


The next layer was savoury cheese scones served with red pepper relish and cream cheese and a cheese cracker with Hello Kitty stamped on it.


It was then time for my favourite, the sweet treats.  The first layer of these contained amongst other things strawberry milkshake biskie and Kitty’s chocolate mud pie.


This was followed by a layer containing Mimmy’s very jelly kiss, strawberries and Mimmy’s pink lemonade marshmallow.


The final layer had Mamma’s apple pie mousse and a cake truffle.


White’s Ice Kream finished off the tea.


It was slightly higher priced than many afternoon teas, even in London, coming in at £40 each; however I have never felt so full after a tea – it was definitely great value for money.  Before we left I couldn’t resist snapping up some of the merchandise, although don’t think I’ll be joining the obsessive collectors anytime soon!  Natasha Goldsworth who is 29 was reported in The Daily Mail as having spent over £50000 on her collection!


So why as adults are we captivated by Hello Kitty along with many other childhood characters, including Disney, Winnie the Pooh and Harry Potter to name but a few?

If you need further proof of the popularity of children’s culture with adults, just look at another Japanese creation, Pokemon Go which launched this summer and saw adults risking their lives playing the interactive game whilst driving!

A 2012 survey showed that 55% of readers of young adolescent books were in fact adults.  Harry Potter is even published with a cover for children and an adult version.

The line between childhood and adulthood has become blurred in recent years. Children are no longer as innocent as they once were with the media exposing them to an adult world and the majority of children now have their own mobile phones.  By the same token though independence is coming much later to most with the price of housing, along with many studying much longer meaning that many children stay at home with their parents well into their twenties.

The rise in computer games in the late 90’s saw adults as well as children enjoying gaming and led to it being more acceptable for adults to regress back to childhood.

The Independent suggested adults love of childhood things is a response to their ‘disappointment with modern life.’  Perhaps it gives adults a different way to express their individuality as well as giving them a license to play.  It gives adults a chance to revert to a time of no responsibilities.

There is no doubt that nostalgia plays a large part in our love of childhood characters and stories.  Perhaps as a child there was not so much merchandise available and also perhaps we didn’t have the funds to indulge in it all, but as adults we do and as such we enjoy creating vast collections.

Alice in Wonderland turned 150 last year and this year saw the release of a new version of Alice Through the Looking glass staring Johnny Depp.  This has certainly led to an explosion of merchandise.  I absolutely love this Urban Decay eyeshadow palette called Alice Through the Looking Glass.


There is an argument that as an adult you get something different from childhood stories; certainly Alice in Wonderland and Roald Dahl’s classics had a darker side and look at cartoons like The Simpsons – they can definitely be watched on two levels.

Whatever the sociological or psychological reasons behind adults shameless love of childhood things – it is clear that the line from the Bible verse ‘when I became a man, I put away childish things’ is no longer relevant in today’s society.  We all have an inner child so why not enjoy embracing it?!



A Gallery of Fashion

February, along with September is always a highlight in any fashionista’s calendar as it is London Fashion Week.  I attended the 18th London Fashion Weekend, organised by the British Fashion Council, as I have done in previous years.  It is an opportunity for anyone to get a sneak insider preview of the season’s trends as well as giving access to designer brands at discount prices.  This time it was held for the second time at its new home, the Saatchi Gallery and this was my first time at this new venue.  The Saatchi Gallery has moved location numerous times but its current location is in the 1801 Duke of York HQ which is a beautiful pillared building, just off of the Kings Road. The Kings Road has always been renowned as one of the great shopping streets of London, so is a fitting location, with more than enough glamour to complement the fashion event.

Saatchi Gallery-nightshot.jpg

Image courtesy of Google

For this occasion I decided to embrace the current 90’s trend of cropped tops and wore skinny jeans, with a black vest top and a cropped sweatshirt bearing the name of fashion’s bible – Vogue.  To learn more about Vogue check out my last blog  I accessorised with a small backpack (another 90’s throwback) and my Kookai suede boots.  My hair was done in 2 French plaits.  My new favourite leather look biker jacket, kept the winter chills out.  On a previous occasion I wore another cropped sweatshirt, this time grey with a Mickey Mouse logo and again following the seasons braid trend, this time with a small french plait at the front of my head.




Fashion week has been at the forefront of the media recently with the suggestion that rather than show autumn/winter in February and spring/summer in September, this would be swapped so the items seen on the catwalk appeared in the shops before the hype from fashion week is a distant memory.  They also want the shows to be less about the media and buyers and more about consumers.

Upon arrival, with our silver tickets, we received a Preen by Thornton Bregazzi tote bag filled with goodies.  The designer couple, met as students on the Isle of Man and began with a shop in Portobello road sharing their love of Victoriana. Twenty years on they are now a global brand with a signature look of combining femininity and masculinity in their designs.  The bag was a pretty floral design mixed with a geometric pattern.  My favourite goodies inside were the Garnier Moisture Bomb and Maybelline lip balm.


My friend and I opted to view the trend show rather than that catwalk show in the hope that we would get more achievable ideas for our everyday looks for the upcoming spring/summer season.  I treated us to front row seats too.

It was disappointing that the models stopped just short of us so when they posed we could generally only see their backs.  Another disappointment of the day was the quality of the refreshments. There was a small coffee bar that only took cash and a champagne bar which had all the ambiance of a cardboard box.  They did however provide us with wrist bands so we could go outside for sustenance.

The trend show was presented by Laura Jackson (you may remember she had a collection at Oasis last autumn) and was styled by VeryExclusive.co.uk.  The hair was done by Toni and Guy and the make up by Maybelline.  The four trends showcased were Beautiful Botanicals, Americana, Pop Art Brights and New Romance.


Laura Jackson sporting the mesh trend

Beautiful Botanicals promoted the floral motif which I love because it is so feminine and evokes the feeling of a beautiful British summers day.  This particular dress is Paul by Paul Smith.


Next up was Americana, drawing on the components of the American flag – stars, stripes and red, white and blue.  I loved this military style jacket as well as this denim jacket which were both Marc by Marc Jacobs.



Pop up Brights as its name suggests injected a lot of colour onto the catwalk.  Make a statement with accessories in clashing pantones with your outfit.  I loved these two dresses; the striped one by Karen Millen and the other Love Moschino.



The final trend was New Romance and embraced feminine ruffles, pastel colours and lace.



Both my friend and I fell in love with the Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes with glitter heels seen on the models in the final trend. Unfortunately they would blow the budget but online I managed to find a similar style by Miss KG, only nude instead of black, which were a fraction of the cost so of course I had to buy them for my ever expanding collection.


Miss KG

Afterwards, my friend and I browsed all the designer pop ups including Miss Patina loved by Taylor Swift, Ukulele and Bad Denim amongst many others.  I couldn’t resist a nautical striped dress by Winser that was reduced from £79 to £39!  I was pleased to see that they had a shoe gallery this year and especially liked shoes at House of Spring and Alexander White but was for once restrained on purchases!



When we had literally shopped ‘til we dropped we headed to a pub on the Kings Road for a good old catch up over several glasses of wine.

Did you go to London Fashion Weekend?  If you did, let me know what you thought of it or perhaps you were lucky enough to attend the main London Fashion Week that precedes it; in which case I would love to know what you thought the key trends were coming out of that for autumn winter. Until next time….