Love Hearts

Last weekend, I decided that preserving would pay off and we headed back to Chatham dockyard where I finally got to try on the heart of the ocean necklace, as worn by Kate Winslet.  I struck the same pose as she did in the film for my photo; the only difference being that I was fully clothed.  If the photographer had been Leonardo DiCaprio though, it would have been a very different story!!


What with the necklace and then when I was eating a packet of love hearts; which you may be interested to know were invented as long back as 1933; I got thinking about the use of the heart symbol as well as the different meanings of the word.

sweets Image courtesy of Google Images

The heart can mean the physical organ, it can represent a person’s soul, is used to mean the core of something, as in the heart of the ocean and to mean love.  The heart symbol was used on Valentine’s Day cards as long ago as 1910.  Its resemblance to the human heart is vague and it has been said to have derived from the female buttocks.  The heart symbol is now included in the latest addition of the Oxford English Dictionary after the increased use of the symbol to replace the word love, for example I ♥ New York.

I also started to think of the different types of love in my life; romantic love, family love, parental love and love of friends as well as love in terms of passion for things.

Family love was in high amounts on the Sunday when my boyfriend and I took his niece and nephew for a day out at Diggerland.  They were an absolute pleasure to take out and it was lovely to see the joy on their faces.

diggerland_logo Image courtesy of Google Images

It certainly increased my maternal urges even more; not that they need much assistance.  I did however somehow manage to put his niece’s nappy on back to front and when the two of us tried to collapse the buggy, it was like the Krypton Factor but hey you live and learn!

During the week, my boyfriend surprised me with some romantic love and created a ‘date night.’  This is a wonderful way to keep the romance alive.  He created a menu which he printed and placed on a laid table and then cooked and served.  The food was delicious.

As the old saying goes, love makes the world go round so whatever love you have in your heart, embrace it, tell your love ones that you love them everyday and as my Grandma used to say, never go to sleep on an argument.

‘A Bridal Shower’

The day of one of my best friends wedding is almost upon us.  I took the day before off work and treated myself to a set of false nails.  I used to get these done regularly as my nails have always been a bit brittle but this is the first time I have had it done in years.  I was suitably pleased with the results and the price; £20 for a full set!  Apparently for some people this is still too much as whilst I was in the salon, a woman left without paying! People’s mentality never ceases to amaze me and on my walk home, I saw another example of it.  One of my elderly neighbours had fallen and before I got to her, another girl just looked and kept on walking!

I took the opportunity as I was at my parents to visit my favourite boutique, Torza and came out with a beautiful pink maxi dress with pearls around the neckline.  I can justify it as it being bought with my birthday money, although I have a feeling that this birthday money is going to be on a bit of elastic!  I also went into the shop called Vintage and found the perfect bag to go with my bridesmaids dress.  It must have been quite a find as on the day even the blokes commented on it!

NEW Stuff 181

NEW Stuff 003

Finally the big day was upon us.  I was so excited but couldn’t believe that after all the beautiful weather we have had, it chose to rain on today of all days.  Superstition has it that this is good luck.  I had a read up as to the reasoning behind this and found various suggestions.  It is thought by Hindu’s that it represents a stronger unity, being that a wet knot is harder to undo.  There is also a belief that it will be a healthy and fruitful marriage, due to rain being essential for good crops.

The other bridesmaids and I met at the bride’s house early and the hairdresser started on our hair.  I was determined to get my signature butterfly into my outfit somewhere so chose a butterfly slide as a hair accessory.  I love to have my hair done, don’t you?  It’s so relaxing.  The Cava was cracked open early and we had a lovely time getting ready.

NEW Stuff 004

As we helped the bride into her dress, I thought how amazing she looked.  It was a stunning dress with lots of lace.  The bouquets arrived and then before we knew it, the time had come to head to the church.

NEW Stuff 048

The service was lovely and the priest made it really; he was a little on the eccentric side to say the least.  I got through my reading without tripping up on my way to the stage or stumbling on my words thankfully.  As we left the church, we bridesmaids were on duty to ensure the bride’s dress remained clean and dry.  On arrival at the reception, the sun finally came out and the bride relaxed at last.

The father of the bride speech was so moving and it got me wondering what my Dad would say if I ever get my special day.  The cake was a tower of cupcakes which must have taken the bride’s friend ages, but it truly was stunning.  If you ever want a knock out cake, I highly recommend her.

NEW Stuff 103

As the drinks flowed, we all danced well into the night and I managed to brave it out and keep my new sparkly heels on all evening; the price we pay for fashion!  The photographer went up in my estimations when I noticed she was wearing a Kookai shirt, much to her amazement.  Kookai was always my favourite shop but sadly only exists as a concession in stores now.  The clothes are timeless though and unusual.  I still have stuff from there that I bought over 10 years ago.


The bouquet was thrown but sadly I didn’t catch it.  My other half did start to talk about marriage though as did another of my friends boyfriends.  Not sure if the excitement of the day or  the sheer amount of alcohol brings on this conversation though!

Over a year of planning and the day seems to be over so quickly.  Everything was perfect down to the last detail though.  Here’s hoping the marriage will last forever and that the weather was a good sign!  Congratulations to the happy couple!  Enjoy the honeymoon and thank you for the privilege of making me maid of honour.


‘Just Friends’

I would like to think that you had been on the edge of your seats anticipating my next instalment but I guess that would be wishful thinking on my part.  I would however like to apologise for the tardiness of this new blog; its writing was impeded by my eye problems.  The so called experts are still no nearer to really knowing what it is.  The latest guess is a viral infection.  Anyhow it has caused me to be signed off sick for the first time in my life.  As a result I have become quite well acquainted with daytime television.  I have now had my fill of property ladder, a place in the sun and wife swap plus some reruns of great British comedy; My Family, Keeping up Appearances and One Foot in the Grave.  It did also give me the opportunity to finally watch a DVD I got for Christmas called Priceless which I greatly enjoyed whilst eating a remaining Easter egg!  All of this was watched through one eye though which was not greatly comfortable.  My boyfriend attempted to make me an eye patch but unfortunately it wasn’t a great success and I resorted to just putting my hand over my eye.  A couple of friends suggested I could make a fashion statement with an embellished eye patch and perhaps make my birthday BBQ a sexy pirate theme!

The Sunday before last saw my first Sunday morning without the News of the World.  My kind boyfriend still made me a sausage sandwich in bed and as it happens my eye was so bad that I wouldn’t have been able to read it anyway.  The best bit of the paper, ‘Fabulous’ magazine appears however to come with Saturdays ‘Sun’ so all is not lost.  My theory is that they started providing magazines with newspapers so that men could read the sport in the paper uninterrupted!  I am however fed up with the news being dominated by the News of the World phone hacking scandal; is there really nothing more important happening in the world?  I regretted asking this rhetorical question this weekend though when the phone hacking became old news after the terrible atrocity inNorway, followed by the death of Amy Winehouse.  It is so sad that she is the latest addition to the so called 27 club, which for those of you who don’t know is the result of a number of musicians dying at 27; Kurt Cobain being another.  I titled my blog this week in honour of her as one of her songs was ‘Just Friends’.

It is also rather ironic that I left 27 behind this week and became 28.  The day of the birthday BBQ finally arrived and thankfully the weather held out as our house would have been very cosy with nearly 30 people!  We definitely lined Tesco’s pockets for the weekend!  I was really touched that so many of my friends made the journey down and greatly enjoyed the celebration, despite my eye condition which was not helped by the BBQ smoke and also meant that I couldn’t wear eye make up.  I made up for it though with some statement 4 inch glittery gold shoes!

NEW Stuff 491

I rolled back the years with some Bacardi Breezer’s too.  Mum made me a wonderful cake with a shoe; very fitting.  I enjoyed showing off my finished wardrobe with the new addition of pink fairy lights which my boyfriend kindly fitted that morning.  One of my friends commented that my wardrobe was a shrine to clothes!

NEW Stuff 410

NEW Stuff 381

As the party died down and there were just a few of us hard core partiers left; my boyfriends friend started to tell us about his PHD in engineering ceramics.  Us girls were looking a little confused, are ceramics not pottery and tiles?  Apparently he says ceramics are used in kitchen knives, thinking we would understand this association.  I then said is it like in hair straightner’s and suddenly we were all back in the room!

My boyfriend went away again this week for work.  This doesn’t get any easier for me despite it not being the first time and only being a couple of days.  What was worse was I was awakened from a deep sleep by a loud bang which sounded like a bullet out of a gun.  Turns out it was in fact a balloon from the party popping!  I did feel silly.

I was spoilt on my actual birthday with many wonderful presents.  It is lovely to see that my friends and family know my tastes so well.  Most cards were shoe, shopping, cocktail, VW Beetle or butterfly related!  I share below a picture of one very apt card which sums me up.
NEW Stuff 493

 My boyfriend left a huge bunch of flowers on my dressing table in the morning which was very romantic.

NEW Stuff 492

Anyways, I’ve bored you long enough, plus I need to check out some shoe sites to spend my birthday money on!  Until next time…….

Broke and Home Alone!

I checked my bank balance last Saturday and wished I hadn’t, it was not a pleasant surprise shall we say and still two weeks until payday!  What made it even worse was that it was only that morning I had taken scissors to my credit card.  It had been a necessary operation, not least to protect my relationship! (Note to self, sneak in last parcel very carefully and when wear the playsuit and/or wedges make sure at least £10 is knocked off their price!)  Women have been doing this trick for years; men just don’t recognize good investments when they see them!  A girl at work also suggested another good tip; when they say they haven’t seen an outfit before just say, ‘I’ve had it for ages, you mean you have never noticed me wearing it before?’  Trigger a guilt felt apology and your secret is safe. Why is it when you have no money it becomes even more of an urge to buy?  Emails promising 20% off shoes and free delivery keep hitting my inbox.  The latest addition of Glamour arrived and advertised a website called Vivien of Holloway which sells vintage clothes.  I have already fallen in love with a 50’s style dress on there which could hopefully flatten even my curvaceous figure (as my boyfriend delicately puts it.)  Asos is auctioning Cheryl Cole’s outfits and the biggest sale in the news at the moment is Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress from the film ‘The Seven Year Itch’ which has sold at auction for $4.6 million.  Its torture I tell you.

My boyfriend had to go away for this week to work.  You would think that this would be a nice bit of space from each other but in reality it was horrible.  Suddenly I had a whole house to rattle around in with only Rufus for company.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Rufus to bits but he can’t protect me from would be burglars!


Burglars were the least of my worries it turns out.  I had a very different kind of intruder to deal with, an unwelcome visit from a slug.  There I was making my hot chocolate before bed in my pyjamas, not bothering to put the kitchen light on (I know old age is setting in, lol) and then I saw it out of the corner of my eye on the floor; it was mere luck I hadn’t inadvertently stepped on it.  Panic rushed through me, I hate the slimy things and there was no boyfriend to call to deal with it.  I grabbed the salt out of the cupboard and showered it with it.  Mean I know but at least it stopped it in its silvery tracks.  I then shoveled it outside and cleaned the floor.  I half expected to come down to more in the morning but thankfully it seems to have been a lone ranger.  I had to put the bins out myself too.  Isn’t it funny how despite our feminism; there are still certain jobs we class as the mans?  My boyfriend shares the cooking and the housework whilst I assist in the DIY, albeit usually getting more paint on myself than the walls!  When it comes to the spider removal, the bins and other dirty jobs though we still call on the man!  My boyfriend is my hero.

Absence definitely made the heart grow fonder in both our cases.  We went out this Saturday evening with another couple to enjoy a meal at TGI Fridays and the next installment of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’  The film was certainly not a let down, just as good as the other three in my opinion and Johnny Depp still looks just as sexy as Captain Jack Sparrow; we know we shouldn’t fancy someone dressed as a pirate but we cannot help ourselves.

Talking of our male hero’s, today is Fathers Day.  What better time for us to celebrate the first man in our lives?  My Dad was always able to wipe my tears away, fix my toys and make the world seem a better place.  Even now I call on him for certain jobs, such as wallpapering and building a book case.  He did kind of talk himself into these jobs though when he commented ‘that’s not difficult at all!’  My brother and I often refer to him as the oracle as he can generally answer any question or if he can’t, knows where to look for the answer.  In recent years even Dad’s fashion has improved.  I never thought I would see the day he wore a pair of jeans; this was the man who used to wear a shirt and tie to the beach!  They do say that women look for a man with qualities like their father and men look for women with qualities like their mother.  I’m not sure how true this is but I will say my boyfriend, like my Dad is pretty good with his DIY and not so hot on fashion, lol!

Anyway I will sign off here, Happy Fathers Day Dad.

Friggatriskaidekaphobia (Fear of Friday 13th)


So tomorrow is Friday the 13th; some of you may well be thinking of staying in bed just in case.  I however no longer fear Friday 13th but see it as lucky.  Last year I put a bet on a horse on Friday 13th and it came in, so for me this is all the proof I need!  Tomorrow also marks the end of one of the seemingly longest working weeks; it has felt more like a month than a week after all the short weeks we have had thanks to Easter and the Royal wedding.  Now on the subject of weddings, it seems wedding talk is surrounding me at the moment.  My best friend gets married in August, my brother gets married next year, a girl at work is arranging hers, on the train home tonight two girls were enthusiastically discussing one of their weddings and even the magazines are in on the act talking of wedding season approaching!  I however still eagerly await my proposal.  My boyfriend and I went to New York to mark our two years together and I really thought it might happen as did many family and friends of both of us but sadly no.  Does anyone else feel society puts undue pressure on you to marry before you are 30?

This week has been tough on me for another reason.  My move had felt more like a holiday up until now but the reality of work makes it all the more real.  Naturally you both bring home stress from the work place.  God I miss coming home to my meal on the table!  Yes I was spoilt though at home.  My Mum is not just my bestest friend in the whole world but when I was at home, she acted as  personal assistant, writing letters, making phone calls and running errands; often to the post office to collect my latest internet purchase!  Hang on a minute, that last part hasn’t changed; I still have parcels delivered to Mum in order that I can sneak in my new additions to my wardrobe and shoe collection!  I must share with you all how thoughtful my boyfriend was yesterday though; when I got out the shower, he had left a freshly picked rose on my dressing table.  I am loving living with him despite the need for us both to adjust.

Today I found my mind wandering to holidays and as it happens, this months stars said my thoughts would be filled with ideas of foreign travel.  I know I had a fantastic holiday in New York already this year but I really do fancy a beach holiday – this pasty complexion needs to catch some rays!  Also I saw a great cut out swimsuit I must have so now I naturally need to go somewhere to wear it.

Anyway try not to fear tomorrow too much, try seeing it as lucky, after all it’s only a number!  Stay smiling, it’s the weekend at last!

Spice of Life


So I have been moved in and officially grown up for nearly 2 weeks! To be honest it’s not all been plain sailing but I’m sure that’s normal. It certainly takes time to adjust to each others ways. I have come to the conclusion that men’s brains just don’t work like ours. For a start as I have discussed with my girlfriends, men only selectively listen, but of course it’s us who forgot to inform them of the upcoming event in the social calendar! In the words of judge Judy, put your listening ears on! Also on careful discussion, it seems men don’t have tidy minds; it just doesn’t occur to them if they have a cup of tea upstairs to bring the cup down with them! I’m not suggesting for one moment that I’m easy to live with; I know I have irritating habits and I’m sure I am getting just a little bit naggy much to my disgust.  For those of you wondering about Rufus the rabbit, he has been quite unwell from the day we got him and despite £42 at the vets he still sadly doesn’t seem right.  The way we both fuss over this rabbit, God knows what we will be like with kids!  Anyway tonight I met the girls for a curry and he had his mate over to start building a run for the rabbit and to have a few beers. The evening highlighted how much peoples circumstances have changed, being that we first went to this particular curry house aged 16 and studying for our A Levels.  One friend is heavily pregnant and we are all in steady relationships.  Before we went to the curry house, we looked through all the baby things she has bought in preparation; I of course fell in love with all the dinky shoes.  Hey if I have a child I can buy twice as many shoes, ones for me and for her!  We discussed how as teenagers we sort of set targets to get married, have children etc and as we got to the age, the target was pushed more into the future, partly our choice and partly a result of circumstances.  Now we are nearer 30 than 20 it feels like we are getting older; we no longer look forward to our birthdays in the way we did as teenagers; desperate to reach the legal age to drink!  I’m sure I have noticed some grey hairs coming and thankful it seems I am not alone.  We checked each other for wrinkles as one friend said she had spent time looking for grey hair but had forgotten all about wrinkles!  I always thought I would get rid of spots and then have some perfect skin time before the wrinkles arrived but no such luck, spots remain and wrinkles join them!  As I passed one of the local pubs on the way home with dance music blaring out, memories of our teenage party days filled my head.  I think I’m currently somewhere between a hedonistic teenager and a mother; teetering on the edge, not sure which way I want to go.  I want what the future holds but part of me wants to hold on to my youth.