Love Hearts

Last weekend, I decided that preserving would pay off and we headed back to Chatham dockyard where I finally got to try on the heart of the ocean necklace, as worn by Kate Winslet.  I struck the same pose as she did in the film for my photo; the only difference being that I was fully clothed.  If the photographer had been Leonardo DiCaprio though, it would have been a very different story!!


What with the necklace and then when I was eating a packet of love hearts; which you may be interested to know were invented as long back as 1933; I got thinking about the use of the heart symbol as well as the different meanings of the word.

sweets Image courtesy of Google Images

The heart can mean the physical organ, it can represent a person’s soul, is used to mean the core of something, as in the heart of the ocean and to mean love.  The heart symbol was used on Valentine’s Day cards as long ago as 1910.  Its resemblance to the human heart is vague and it has been said to have derived from the female buttocks.  The heart symbol is now included in the latest addition of the Oxford English Dictionary after the increased use of the symbol to replace the word love, for example I ♥ New York.

I also started to think of the different types of love in my life; romantic love, family love, parental love and love of friends as well as love in terms of passion for things.

Family love was in high amounts on the Sunday when my boyfriend and I took his niece and nephew for a day out at Diggerland.  They were an absolute pleasure to take out and it was lovely to see the joy on their faces.

diggerland_logo Image courtesy of Google Images

It certainly increased my maternal urges even more; not that they need much assistance.  I did however somehow manage to put his niece’s nappy on back to front and when the two of us tried to collapse the buggy, it was like the Krypton Factor but hey you live and learn!

During the week, my boyfriend surprised me with some romantic love and created a ‘date night.’  This is a wonderful way to keep the romance alive.  He created a menu which he printed and placed on a laid table and then cooked and served.  The food was delicious.

As the old saying goes, love makes the world go round so whatever love you have in your heart, embrace it, tell your love ones that you love them everyday and as my Grandma used to say, never go to sleep on an argument.

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