Spice of Life


So I have been moved in and officially grown up for nearly 2 weeks! To be honest it’s not all been plain sailing but I’m sure that’s normal. It certainly takes time to adjust to each others ways. I have come to the conclusion that men’s brains just don’t work like ours. For a start as I have discussed with my girlfriends, men only selectively listen, but of course it’s us who forgot to inform them of the upcoming event in the social calendar! In the words of judge Judy, put your listening ears on! Also on careful discussion, it seems men don’t have tidy minds; it just doesn’t occur to them if they have a cup of tea upstairs to bring the cup down with them! I’m not suggesting for one moment that I’m easy to live with; I know I have irritating habits and I’m sure I am getting just a little bit naggy much to my disgust.  For those of you wondering about Rufus the rabbit, he has been quite unwell from the day we got him and despite £42 at the vets he still sadly doesn’t seem right.  The way we both fuss over this rabbit, God knows what we will be like with kids!  Anyway tonight I met the girls for a curry and he had his mate over to start building a run for the rabbit and to have a few beers. The evening highlighted how much peoples circumstances have changed, being that we first went to this particular curry house aged 16 and studying for our A Levels.  One friend is heavily pregnant and we are all in steady relationships.  Before we went to the curry house, we looked through all the baby things she has bought in preparation; I of course fell in love with all the dinky shoes.  Hey if I have a child I can buy twice as many shoes, ones for me and for her!  We discussed how as teenagers we sort of set targets to get married, have children etc and as we got to the age, the target was pushed more into the future, partly our choice and partly a result of circumstances.  Now we are nearer 30 than 20 it feels like we are getting older; we no longer look forward to our birthdays in the way we did as teenagers; desperate to reach the legal age to drink!  I’m sure I have noticed some grey hairs coming and thankful it seems I am not alone.  We checked each other for wrinkles as one friend said she had spent time looking for grey hair but had forgotten all about wrinkles!  I always thought I would get rid of spots and then have some perfect skin time before the wrinkles arrived but no such luck, spots remain and wrinkles join them!  As I passed one of the local pubs on the way home with dance music blaring out, memories of our teenage party days filled my head.  I think I’m currently somewhere between a hedonistic teenager and a mother; teetering on the edge, not sure which way I want to go.  I want what the future holds but part of me wants to hold on to my youth.

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