Kilts vs Hot Pants?

The week started with a blow to fashionistas and chocoholics, ‘Jane Norman’ is in administration and ‘Thorntons’ is to close 180 shops.  Now I know some of ‘Jane Normans’ stuff could leave a bit to be desired but I have always found their dresses second to none.  Admittedly they could be quite pricey but always had very good reductions in their regular sales.  Last chance to grab some sale bargains!  Rather ironically it looks as though ‘Edinburgh Woollen Mill’ who I worked for quite some years ago may buy out ‘Jane Norman’ and its stock.  It remains to be seen what this would do to the brand considering the large gap in target age range; with ‘Jane Norman’ being 15-25 and ‘Edinburgh Woollen Mill’ being 45-60 year olds.  Perhaps they will meet somewhere in the middle at a target age of 35?!

bags(Photo courtesy of Google images July 2011)

It’s sad if  ‘Jane Norman’ does disappear being all the years it has been going; I remember my Mum telling me that she used to shop there.  She also shopped in the high end, iconic store of the 1960’s ‘Biba’ which has now had some what of a revival.  Unfortunately it’s rather out of my price range and so I had to settle with a small purse which was still nearly £40!  My Mum often tells the story of when she was in their Kensington store and they had communal changing rooms.  She was trying something on and when she looked round, someone was trying on her dress that she had come in wearing!

Now for all you like minded shoe lovers, I have discovered a fantastic site thanks to it being mentioned in ‘Look’ magazine, ‘Shoeaholics’!  They sell hot designer shoes at seriously cut prices.  I feel my bank account getting a hammering again!  Also in the current ‘Look’ magazine; Olivia Palermo, the US socialite is shown with her infamous ‘Sondra Roberts’ hot pink clutch, priced at $99.  I went in to a boutique called ‘Torza’ and there was an almost identical clutch at a fraction of the price.  They also had it in champagne colour which is what I ended up buying as I thought it would be more versatile.

Saturday night was an opportunity for a girl’s night out to celebrate my friend’s birthday and an occasion also for my new playsuit to be worn.  My present to her was a personalised compact mirror as I believe no girl should be without a good compact; or two in cases where I have forgotten I had bought one for someone and gone and bought another!

Whilst I was waiting at the bar to be served it struck me that perhaps if I complimented the barman on his tie, I might get served quicker.  It was truly quite unusual though with a piano keyboard design.  A guy also at the bar waiting then turned to me to request some fashion advice. When you wear a long sleeved shirt he asked, where was it appropriate to roll the sleeves too?  I advised just below the elbow and another girl agreed.  He then asked the barman.  I said what would a man know, even though he has a good tie, a girl would have chosen it for him as in my experience most men unless gay have a poor sense of style.  The barman was forced to admit that he hadn’t in fact picked the tie out for himself.  It takes me back to my boyfriend and I in ‘Fenwicks’ where each shirt he chose I looked at in disdain and ended up choosing two for him, much to the shop assistants amusement!  My final decision on the subject of shirt sleeves is that they shouldn’t be rolled up so far that it looks like the skin is being pinched.

Some cosmopolitans later I made my way home.  The tube was packed out and it got me thinking about my week of commuting.  The hot weather inevitably makes the people who avoid deodorant stand out.  You know who you are!  It’s not pleasant when you are all packed on a train like sardines!

I will leave you with some of the funny things I have heard people say this week.

‘What business does a fly have on a train?’

‘Why do they make the railways so wonky?’ (Said as the train was rocking about)

‘Why don’t they have the US Open in America?’

Until next time, happy shopping!

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