A Sight For Sore Eyes

Have you ever wondered if anyone uses the St John’s Ambulance at big events?  Well I did at Wimbledon this week.  My eyes were hurting so much and my sight distorted so I was struggling to see the ball; a bit of a disadvantage when watching tennis!  A lovely guy went through my symptoms, even with my blurred vision; I could tell he was fit.  A lady then administered a saline wash.  She asked if my mascara was waterproof and when I said no, she said well its not running, so I informed her it was Chanel and she said the girl knows what she is doing!  Later that evening, I ended up at casualty as my eyes were even more painful.  Someone at this hospital had a warped sense of humour; they had Holby City on in the waiting room, just what you want to be watching.  I’m telling you though A&E can be quite entertaining and certainly a good place for people watching.  When I was up there with my boyfriend at Christmas, there was a bloke who could only hop as he had injured his foot but still managed to hop outside about 5 times in 2 hours for cigarettes!  There was the drunken girl who started off saying she hadn’t drunk anything and then each time a different person asked her, the amount of drinks increased.  Then there was the guy dressed as a woman – even the lady on the tea bar couldn’t keep a straight face at that one!  This time there was a drunk, abusive guy who was eventually arrested along with a guy who had hit his finger with a hammer and his family were frightening him with horror stories of what might happen and another guy clutching a rather private area!

Saturday brought a rather better reason to visit a hospital; my gorgeous new baby niece was born.  My brother and his girlfriend are such proud parents.  As I gave her a cuddle I marvelled at the small but perfectly formed finger nails.  I wondered what she was dreaming about.  The innocence of a new baby is so lovely, they don’t have a care in the world and everything is new and exciting.  Children embrace change whilst adults resist it.  As I tickled her tiny feet, I thought how much fun I would have buying her shoes.  Talking of which, getting back to my toddler niece who already has a passion for shoes; my boyfriends sister tried to give me a pair of shoes for the new baby that her daughter had grown out of but she was having none of it; whether they fitted or not, there was no way she was going to be parted from her shoes.  To be fair I can understand it, I wouldn’t want to part with any of my shoes; even the ones that cripple me!

misc 004

Sunday’s heat meant a trip to a different kind of medical place; the vets.  Poor old Rufus was not coping well at all with our newly found summer.  Turns out he has a problem with his teeth too so he has got to go in for an operation on Wednesday.  Fingers crossed he will survive the anaesthetic as the vet hardly put your mind at ease when he said it was very risky for rabbits to be anaesthetised.

This Thursday I will be revisiting the eye hospital and hopefully that will then draw a close to the frequent visits to hospitals and vets.  After this week, I think I have seen enough for a very long time!

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