Pallazzo, Harem or even Palladium?

I want to start my post today with clearing up a matter.  In my excitement of getting a ‘like’ on my blog and trying to look at the kind persons own blog, I accidently liked my own post.  So no I am not arrogant, just technically challenged; to think I made fun of my Mum not fully understanding the wonderful world of ‘facebook’!  Considering I have grown up with computers my knowledge can be at times extremely limited.  To be fair to my Mum she has mastered texting which is more than many people her age and after all the older generation never grew up in a computer age so I guess we can cut them some slack, things are very different now; or are they?  I was happily reading the latest issue of Glamour magazine or should I say my bible, on my commute to work and it got me thinking about fashion and how it comes full circle.  When we were young teenagers many of us probably turned our noses up when out shopping with our Mums, they turned to us and said ‘I remember that the first time round’.  However in more recent years, vintage has become popular; or perhaps its more that someone realised you could make a killing by inserting ‘vintage’ in front of the description of something, as is the case with ‘wedding’.  This year it’s the turn of 70’s fashion to make a revival, bell bottom jeans, fringed jackets and maxi dresses.  In recent years, trousers also seem to have been reinvented.  There were jeggings (jeans crossed with leggings for those of you who were not familiar).  At least this name makes some logical sense and it got me thinking about some other names for popular clothes items.  Many girls my age will remember ‘palladiums’ which were canvas shoes with a block heel.  Now why a shoe was called a word that generally means in the image of Pallas whichTroy’s safety depended on I would love to know!  Next came Harem pants.  These are loose around the crotch trousers that tapper to the ankle; a kind of cross between trousers and a skirt.  Now I wonder how many of you know where this name came from?  A Harem was where the Muslim women of one man could rest.  It had Turkish associations and the trousers were commonly worn inTurkey.  This brings me to my next question; Pallazzo trousers, a yes or a no?  These are very wide leg, long, loose trousers.  I have yet to try a pair but perhaps it may be something I surprise myself with and like, in the same way as the jumpsuit, which I thought made me a fashion victim but has since proved to be much loved and I am keen to make myself another one from a vintage pattern. So Pallazzo literally translated from Italian means palace.  Not quite sure how that relates to the trousers but I am open to suggestions!  Before I sign off for tonight, I must confess to my latest purchase.  My graduation is fast approaching and of course for a shoe lover such as myself an excuse for a new pair.  Now I wanted them to be special so I started to look at Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Manalos but sadly my modest wage or my credit limit do not stretch to these!  I have also always wanted a pair of L.K Bennett shoes and promised I would treat myself as a reward for getting out of debt; however my solvency didn’t last long enough.  On browsing their website tonight, I fell in love.  Now  these are beauties and they were in the sale.  Yes it was a splurge but I like to think of it as an investment.  I will wear these loads and feel a million dollars in them and the added bonus is they look very similar to the Manalo’s in the first Sex and the City film that Carrie first puts in her new wardrobe.  I know these will look great in my new purpose built wardrobe my boyfriend made for me.  Ok now I have confessed I can sleep soundly tonight.  Until next time ……………..

One thought on “Pallazzo, Harem or even Palladium?

  1. Great blog hun, so agree with the fashion issues. I was the same with my jumpsuit now I am a massive fan of them and thinking of extending my collection to a more colourful one instead of the black I orignaly went for. Pallazzo are a big yes , I will if you do.

    Poor Rufus hope he gets better soon. Don’t worry about nagging the boyfriend he grew up with two sisters so think he can handle it.


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