Serendipity Moment

After assembling all the furniture from Ikea, I finally decided to unpack. This was exactly what I did at University, put off unpacking in an effort not to quite accept the change.  Was enjoying having my own space but missing home too.  We happened to pop into a pet shop one day on our travels as we often did and I fell in love with a rabbit that needed re-homing called Rufus.  I worked hard on persuading my boyfriend we should get him but he wasn’t giving in.  I felt if I had a rabbit to tie me to the place, it would stop me getting freaked and running home.  Anyway after watching the film Serendipity, an idea formed in my head, after all Serendipity means a fortunate accident!


On Thursday morning I said to my boyfriend, if Rufus is still at the pet shop at the end of today then I am meant to have him.  He agreed to my surprise, not that I left him a lot of room to manoeuvre!  When we arrived at the pet shop, I ran in, only to find that the enclosure Rufus had been in was now filled with new baby rabbits.  My heart sank and then thankfully we found him in a different cage in the adoption centre.  We got him home and my boyfriend lovingly put the hutch together.  Now we were a proper family!

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