A birthday washout

July saw my birthday come around again – they are coming around far too quickly lately for my liking. However, not one to miss an opportunity to celebrate, I arranged numerous events as has become customary.

The first of these was a family BBQ. Now it seems you only need to think about a BBQ in this country and it rains. The BBQ had just heated up when the heavens opened. It wasn’t just a shower either, it was torrential so plan b had to come into play and the burgers went in the oven. It was nice to have the family around to celebrate though and my sister in law made a fantastic cake and got me the best present – a framed drawing of my Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes.



Sex and the City cupcakes that I made

My actual birthday started fabulously, with Kelly Jones of Stereophonics fame guest staring on the radio, with the first play of their new single, All in one Night. I can’t believe I have been a fan for the last 18 years. They are still just as fab as they were then.

I met my Mum in London and we went up the Sky Garden. It wasn’t long before the rain clouds moved in and they closed the outside viewing platform. Thankfully they eventually opened it again. The view was amazing, although it was probably one of the most expensive glasses of prosecco I had ever had. We then went for lunch and browsed the shops on Oxford Street before my husband met us later in the day.


T-shirt Topshop, Skirt Asos, ballerina pumps from Italy and heart bag by Floozie



We then headed to an open air cinema screening in association with Stylist magazine and M&S. Picking up the free Stylist magazine on a Wednesday is the highlight of my working week and it seemed like it was meant to be when they had one of these screenings on my birthday and showing Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, very apt as I went to Kefalonia this year.  It was an absolute bargain of an event, with tickets only costing £20. That included an M&S bbq, three free drinks, popcorn and a goodie bag which of course included the famous Percy Pigs! It was a wonderful evening until it started to rain and then it really rained. They handed out ponchos and we managed to get an umbrella up but it wasn’t pleasant. Many people left but I was determined to see the end of the film. By the time we got up to leave it felt much like I had wet myself as the water had run down my back and into the deckchair!


The following day I went for a picnic in the park with two of my best friends and you’ve guessed it – it rained again, not long after we arrived.


Celebration muffin

Surely I would have better luck with my final planned celebration? My husband and I headed up town for cocktails in the city with friends. Luck was definitely not on my side as yet again it tipped it down. I wore flip flops so ended up with very muddy feet. It was a fun afternoon none the less. It’s the second time I have attended this event and I highly recommend it.  Some of London’s best cocktail bars have pop ups and there is music and fun games to take part in, including giant draughts, coconut shy and darts.  The welcome drink was called The Cointreau Fizz which consisted of Cointreau, lime, soda and pomegranate and was served in a cute bottle.


T-shirt Topshop



Channelling art deco at Fontaine’s whilst enjoying Moet


Photo booth at Fontaine’s

So my birthday was what you might call a wash out and as the song says ‘it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!’ I did feel the love though; everyone was very generous and thoughtful. It just goes to show that a summer birthday doesn’t guarantee good weather, perhaps next year I should plan indoor celebrations!


Presents including iconic coat from Zara

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