Graduating in Heels

Well it’s been an eventful couple of weeks.  On Saturday I attended my graduation ceremony in Ely and the LK Bennett shoes had their first and most likely their last outing!  They were very comfortable and I did feel wonderful in them but I was so worried about damaging them.  Little did I realize that the powers at be would put the official car park in a field!  Don’t they realize girls wear heels?  I managed to find the most wonderful pair of cufflinks in the shape of high heeled shoes to wear with my smart white shirt too.  My boyfriend asked what they were and when I said shoes, he said ‘of course, what else?’  So much planning and anticipation goes into this day and ultimately you have about one minute of fame which I barely remember as I was concentrating so much on not tripping over!    It really was a wonderful celebration of the five years that I have studied through the Open University though.  As I tossed my mortar board in the air at the end, I reflected on the achievement I had made.

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Unfortunately my graduation clashed with my best friends hen weekend so last weekend I took her on a spa break as a surprise to make up for it.  We had a wonderful pampered, girly weekend.  We both had manicures and scalp massages.  I must share with you one anecdote; at dinner we were looking through the photos from the day and we got to the pictures in the sauna.  My friend said she looked sweaty and shiny and I pointed out to her that she was in a sauna; if she didn’t look sweaty there would have been something wrong with her!  On the way home by train, as a nice end to the weekend, we were drinking Prosecco.  Drinking that early in the day was not good, especially as I had to negotiate stairs in heels in order to change trains!

Now after a relaxing spa break, I got thinking about other pampering things I could indulge in.  Despite loving my shoes, my feet have always been one of the most hated parts of my body.  I am really tempted to try this new craze of a fish pedicure.  Garra Rufa fish have no teeth.  They originate from Turkey and suck away at the dead skin, leaving feet soft and regenerated.  There have however been some questions over the possibility of them spreading infection so as yet I am still weighing up the options!  Has anyone tried it?

I will leave you with a story of my niece who is not yet two.  She regularly tries on my shoes and despite having a limited vocabulary at the moment, she has learnt the word ‘shoe’; evidently I am training her well!  A girl is never too young to start her love affair with shoes. Maybe one day she will be graduating in a pair of shoes she too is frightened to damage!

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One thought on “Graduating in Heels

  1. Love the pitcure and story of Lucy in your shoes. I better start saving some money for university then. What a scary thought, all grown up and graduating lol xxx

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