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Twinkle Twinkle

A Star – to geometrists a type of non-convex polygon and to astrologers a luminous ball of gas.  Stars have long been represented in many ways in culture and in art and the most common is a 5 pointed star.  No one knows for sure the origins of this symbol; some believe it is from Egyptian hieroglyphics whilst others think it is because when you look at a star it appears to have 5 lines coming out which are diffraction spikes caused by the way light enters the eye.  On the US flag the stars represent the heavens.  Stars are also commonly used a symbol of fame.  This is perhaps because you look up to stars in the sky and people look up to famous people.

Whatever the reasons behind the five-pointed star symbol, Autumn/Winter 2016 has seen the star become the go to print.  Below I show you some of my favourite uses of this cosmic symbol in this seasons fashions.


Star blouse Zara, Jeans and shoes Oasis, Bag Aldo


Starry T-shirt New Look, faux leather metallic skirt New Look, shoes Oasis, handbag Coach


Star nose stud jewellerybox.co.uk, glitter star headband Boohoo and necklace mynamenecklace.co.uk


Sandals by Office


Pyjama top and socks by Oasis, lounge pants by New Look and slippers by Asda


Earrings Apples and Figs at London Fashion Weekend