Reliving the 80’s and 90’s

One of my close friends had an 80’s fancy dress party last month.  I went as a Rubik cube whilst my partner went as the karate kid.  The Rubik’s cube is a 3D combination puzzle originally invented in 1974 and sold to Rubik in 1980.  Although the hey day of the cube was the 1980s it remains popular today and in January 2009 350 million had been sold worldwide.  Often thought of as an impossible puzzle, the record for a single solving is 5.66 seconds!  Solvers of the puzzle are often seen as highly intelligent hence it featuring in films in order to portray this trait in a character, for example Armageddon.  Other costumes at the party included a storm trooper, Madonna, Jessica Rabbit, Prince and Disco divas.  I often think of life as being a bit like a Rubik’s cube; just as one side falls into place another becomes a muddle.


I got thinking about what the 80’s mean to me.  I was born in 1983 when the prime minister was Margaret Thatcher, ‘Wherever I Lay my Hat’ by Paul Young was No 1 in the singles chart, the rave culture was in full swing and a first class stamp cost less than 20p.  There was still a £1 note in existence and the trains were the slam door variety.  Newly released was the CD format for music as opposed to tapes.  The 30 years of my life have seen a great many rapid changes not least the internet, DVDs and mobile phones.  Growing up my favourite toys were the Sylvanian Families and my brothers were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  The toy to have Christmas 1983 was the cabbage patch doll.  I bought my niece her first Slyvanian’s this year, hoping she would get as much enjoyment out of them as I did when they first arrived in Britain in my local toy shop in 1988.  Who can forget the TV shows we watched such as Rainbow, Raggy Dolls and Wacaday?

Fashion in the 80’s was a mixture of punk, neon, shoulder pads, leggings, leotards, leg warmers, perms and crimping.  Many of these fashions have seen revivals and neon continues to be a trend for this coming spring season as well as hair crimping being seen on the Moschino catwalk.

I guess though the 90s left more of an imprint on me as I was only 6 at the end of the 80s.  This year as my friends and I all turn 30, I suspect there will be lots of reminiscing back to the 80s.

Last month Britain saw its first flurries of snow for this winter and March has brought more still – I’m so grateful for my Ugg boots – this is not the weather for stilettos!  Snow rarely has its imagined romance unless you are a child with a sledge; cold fingers and toes along with thwarted journeys are not pleasant.  It is a good excuse however to showcase some of the wonderful woollies out there at the moment; I love the woollen headbands, perfect to wear out when I am doing my training walks for Moonwalk.

Definitely time to ditch that New Year diet and relax in front of the TV enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows in your cosy onsie next to an open fire.  Not quite sure why grown adults have started wearing hats with animal ears on though, can anyone shed any light on this?


My Cath Kidston knitting book and supplies arrived the other week so I will be teaching myself how to knit as per my bucket list and should have a nice warm scarf at the end of it.  I’m hoping to add to my list learning to crochet so I can knit a lovely blanket for my partner’s sister’s new arrival.  I may even move on to quilting – all great activities to do whilst it’s cold outside.  Rufus the rabbit certainly enjoyed the snow; perhaps I should knit him an ear warmer!

Despite it feeling nothing like spring outside; I have been giving some thought to spring fashions.  Talking of revivals, there seems to be somewhat of a 90s feel this season with scrunches being seen on the Ashish catwalk, a Bewitched style double denim resurgence and programmes such as My Mad Fat Diary and The Reunion.  Monochrome appears to be big again and I love this dress from Boohoo which I will pair with a coral belt from New Look and coral shoes from last year to give it more of a spring feel.  I also couldn’t resist this fun comic strip dress.


Last month was of course Valentines Day and my partner and I went for a lovely meal at The Barn restaurant near us.

Valentines always brings a surge on the market for underwear and perhaps as fashionistas we often ignore these largely unseen items.  We should give it greater attention however as like a good pair of shoes – good underwear has the power to make us feel sexy and instantly lift our mood.

Anyway I shall sign off now.  Just before I go though I want to share with you another DIY makeover – our dining room.  When the ceiling fell down back in the summer due to being the old Victorian lathe and plaster, we were devastated but we turned it round to a positive by using it as an opportunity to install an open fire and redecorate.


After the ceiling fell down



We have gone for a North African theme whilst incorporating a traditional Victorian feel.  The fireplace whilst not original to the house, we believe to be an original from the period and the kind of style that would have appeared in our house of our type.  The companion set was a vintage find given as a Christmas present and the kettle was my maternal grandmothers.  Besides the usual photos the mantel piece is also adorned with a camel picked up in Morocco and a souvenir pyramid from Egypt.


The light is a Moroccan lantern from Moroccan Bazaar and conjures up fond memories of the bustling souks in Marrakech.  The main canvas was purchased during our trip to Egypt.  There is also a piece of papyrus with my name in hieroglyphics which was picked up in Sharm El Sheik.  The smaller canvases – two are shots my paternal grandfather who I never met took when he was posted out to Egypt with the army and the third is him washing up after Christmas dinner in Jamaica.


The red adds to the North African feel as well as adding warmth to the room.  If my sewing skills improve I would also like to make a window seat.

Look out for my next home feature and wrap up warm.  Until next time………

One thought on “Reliving the 80’s and 90’s

  1. It seems to have been ages since your last blog darling but this was well worth waiting for! Excellent and a very interesting read.

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