Peddling between the travel urge and the maternal urge!

This weekend my boyfriend and I decided to get all energetic and go for a bike ride around Riverside Country Park.  I think my parents were pleased that it meant I took my bike with me finally; they have wanted it out of their shed forever.  Mum and Dad thought once my brother and I had gone, they’d have more space but so far that space hasn’t really materialised, much to their disappointment!  The ride was most enjoyable although my bum didn’t think so; I paid for it the rest of the weekend!  It’s so nice to have such a lovely country space on your doorstep.  The smell of seaweed is quite overpowering though.  We followed one of the cycle routes but hope next time to do the longest one, now we are reacquainted with two wheels.  It got me thinking though; is our life laid out like a cycle route or are we free to peddle off the beaten track?

NEW Stuff 495

We went to a friend’s BBQ where three girls were mothers with young babies, one baby of which was my niece.  They are all so gorgeous, I got all broody.  Society seems to dictate that you should have kids in your 20’s but is this right for everyone?  Yes the biological clock is ticking but are there other dreams we hold too?  Is it better to be a younger or an older Mum?  As I sat with some friends discussing holidays, I thought maybe there was more I wanted to see before becoming a Mum.  I’m definitely getting the urge to travel again, my New York holiday seems a million years ago despite it actually being only 4 months ago.

My first ever holiday without parents was to Zante and I had such a wonderful time despite having a reaction to a henna tattoo, a rash caused by a horse and something in my eye!  My friend was surprised by the first aid kit I brought with me but by the end of the holiday we had used it all between us!  It has always been an in joke between my brother and me that I will manage to fall over on every holiday!  After that I want on various beach holidays; some with friends and some as a couple as well as Dublin, Prague and New York,  but the holiday that really opened my eyes to travel was the one I took to Morocco with two friends.  The souks of Marrakech have to be seen to be believed: health and safety is really not even a second thought out there.  People weld in the street without masks and when walking down the narrow streets you have to dodge the crowds, motorbikes and donkeys!  The people there are wonderful though and it really widened my outlook on life.


With my partner I then went to Egypt last year which was equally fulfilling; Cairo and the pyramids were out of this world.  Camel rides were interesting in both these countries; they are about as comfortable as a bike saddle. Riding a quad bike through the dessert after using the shisha pipe was also an experience!



This year we only ventured as far as New York which don’t get me wrong was fantastic, especially for shopping;

New York

but I’m craving visiting a completely different culture to our own.  My friend has not long been back from Bali which I really fancy but my biggest dream is still India.  At the BBQ we talked about a girls break to celebrate our 30th.  Perhaps New York or perhaps Italy.  One friend went to Verona this year and I must admit I would love to see Juliet’s house.  I don’t think Italy would agree with my partner seeing as he doesn’t like cheese or pasta!  Another idea I have had though is more responsible tourism which may also help me with my future career of a teacher and that is to go to Peru and volunteer in an orphanage.

As close as I get to being a Mum at the moment is Rufus.  Rufus amazed us this week, mastering his ramp to go in and out between his run and his hutch.  I then managed to get him to go in at night, just by telling him it was bedtime.  I guess my sense of pride is similar to how parents feel when their child does something for the first time.

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I suppose when you are a child you are guided by your parents, much like the way your bike has stabilisers but then you are on your own, balancing on your own two wheels or stilettos as the case may be.  I have constantly carved out my own path; ending up working and then doing a degree through Open University and only finally deciding on a career at nearly 28.  I guess life is all about balance, just like riding a bike.  Perhaps we all just envy what we don’t have; much like in a restaurant where you always want what someone else ordered!  There’s some food for thought for my readers and I’m going to get back to my glass of vino!

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