Desperately Seeking Coffee

Morning readers, hope you all got through Friday the 13th unscathed.  This morning would you believe I repeated my previous mistake of clicking like to my own post in trying to view the blog of the latest kind person to click like on mine.  Can someone please help me out here?  How do I look at someones blog who has liked mine?  I really do feel old now, asking technical advice.  I shall definitely stay well clear of twitter for everyone’s sake!

Saturday Morning at London Kings Cross station.  I’m on my way to Bradford to see some friends.  As per usual this morning has been a mad rush.  Even though I promised my boyfriend last night that when the alarm went off at 6am I would get straight up, the inevitable happened and snooze got hit twice!  Probably had something to do with not settling to sleep until 1.30am as finances were playing heavy on my mind and then my boyfriends snoring keeping me awake.  Last night my boyfriend and I went to 24 hour Tesco.  This is absolutely the best time to shop as the place is deserted; except for shelf stackers who seem to be chatting more than they are stacking!  How things change; gone are the boozy Friday nights and in its place supermarket shopping – I’m sure I shouldn’t find going to Tesco an enjoyable Friday night past time!  Some how our bill was the wrong side of £150-I’m sure things are getting more expensive by the day.  I could think of many better things to spend that amount of money on.

The concourse at a mainline station I have discovered, is a great place to people watch, it’s a melting pot.  People range in age from the new babies to the elderly.  There is a continual hum of chatter and laughter.  There are goodbyes along with old friends being reunited.  I often look at people and ponder their life story.  There are students, vicars, families and tourists-all brought together as they wait for trains to take them on their onward journeys.


I head over to the coffee bar, needing something to wake me up and then rush to the platform to board my train.  I must look quite a site – wobbling in my impossible high heels – wet hair down my back, not a scrap of makeup on, trying to keep hold of my bags, my blackberry, my purse, my bank card I didn’t get chance to put away, my ticket, a coffee and a muffin.  It’s something of a military operation to negotiate getting my ticket in the barrier without dropping anything.  Anyway finally I make it on to the train.  I take my time choosing a seat, only to find I have still managed to plonk myself opposite the most annoying man-who seems to think it’s perfectly normal to remove your shoes and spread your legs out all over the place!  As I draft this, I realise my handwriting is quite large and he can probably read what I have just written about him so I quickly cover it!

I make a silent promise to myself to try and get up earlier and be on time for once in my life, but I also know that is about as likely as me winning the lottery!  Speaking of which I could be a millionaire now as I forgot to bring home a copy of the syndicate numbers for Euro Millions; deep down though I know this is a pipe dream -things like that don’t happen to people like me.  Anyway I will leave it there now as I’m dying to get into my book – ‘Sweet Valley Confidential’ so I can reminisce to being 11 and reading ‘Sweet Valley High’ as well as watching it on Saturday morning television.  I’ll let you know if it’s worth picking up to read.  Happy weekend!

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